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Exactly what is PhotoBooth?
PhotoBooth is a private magical box offering an enjoyable way for your visitors to take home and share the memory of your special celebration. Our booths take a series of four separate pictures, either in colour or black and white.Photobooth photos are immediately printed 15 seconds after being taken and given into the hand of the user. Your visitors can go in the booth as people or they can get that picture with loved ones that they have actually been implying to obtain for many years.

A Photobooth Boothie is a highly trained enthusiastic PhotoBooth expert with a background in events management, marketing and a long-lasting photo booth event photos for photography. The Boothie is there is guarantee that you are getting the extremely best from your PhotoBooth experience and will continue to be at your occasion from start to finish.

Ways to Create A Simple Photo Booth

A little disclaimer: there is most likely no single best way to setup an image booth. I've seen a variety of incredible setups all producing excellent shots, so feel complimentary to adjust these directions to your liking! Experiment! Have a good time!

The Setup

1. The Lights
We utilized a single AlienBee 800 placed right close to the cam in order to lower shadows. We bounced the light out of a white umbrella. AlienBees are a few of the most cost effective lights on the marketplace and I feel it worked excellently for the booth.

2. The Background
Our beautiful couple provided the incredible background. It was fabric they had actually bought from an outlet. They had created a rather fancy PVC structure to hold the fabric, however you could simply as quickly tape material or paper to the wall. Surprisingly, you require much less material or paper than you would think. I believe you would be more than safe with an area covering about 5 feet high and about 8-10 feet broad. White seamless paper on a proper stand would be really lovely if you're super fancy. I 'd suggest attempting this out prior to investing a lot on gear however, since you can do it very just! Renting or obtaining paper and a stand are other alternatives.

3. The Triggers
We utilized PocketWizards to sync the video camera and the light, however considering that you just need one light and it's incredibly near the cam you could easily simply use the totally free sync cable that includes the light.

4. The Camera & Settings
The cam was a Canon 5D on a tripod set to shoot large JPEGS (I didn't want to process all the RAW submits!). We likewise set the electronic camera to all points focus, in order to ideally maximize the sharp shots offered that lots of people would be in the shots and not all standing on the effectively significant X.:P.

5. The Lens.
Surprisingly we utilized a 50mm lens. I believed we would need a larger lens but the 50 just perfectly covered the quantity of material background. If you had a bigger background utilizing a larger lens, shooting from farther away, or shooting vertically would all be intriguing options to try out.

6. The Remote.
I believe this is a quite great part of the photo booth. You could attempt to man the booth yourself, but I believe you 'd get extremely various photos from the ones they would take themselves.

7. The Instructions.
Our couple had an indication up that welcomed guests to get hold of a buddy. I would probably likewise include where to stand, where to look (yes, some individuals looked at the light, not the electronic camera) and how to use the remote.

8. The Props.
Costumes and props belong to the enjoyable! Have a box next to the booth filled with stuff from the dollar store and you cannot fail.

The Details.

, if you can swing it bring a replacement remote.. It would draw to have the remote break half way through the shoot!
Make sure you bring extension cables, you never ever know how far the outlet might be.
Bring gaffers tape to tape down cords, and masking tape to define where individuals must stand.
You may wish to switch your camera to single shot mode. Or reduced burst mode. For some reason individuals like to hold the button down and then you wind up with a lots of less-than-funny, usually-unflattering images.
If you can, bring your tripod and light stand in a bag, and bring your lights, extension cables, and cable televisions in a large lidded bin. It makes take apart and setup quite quick.
Attempt to setup your photo booth near or even on the dance floor. I think there was a lot more traffic through the booth due to the fact that of this.
Put a "Please Do Not Touch" sign on the back of the cam. A great deal of guests want to see the image, however the electronic camera will usually get bumped and the settings will get changed if they're all over it. Check back often to make sure everything is setup properly (and framed correctly).
Next Time.

Due to the fact that this was our very first photo-booth there are a lot of things that we would do in a different way next time. These are untested ideas!

Perhaps setup a monitor to allow guests to evaluate images. Even though guests kept knocking the tripod, and neglecting the Do Not Touch sign they enjoyed seeing the images of themselves. Seeing the images is certainly a crucial part of the experience. I'm uncertain exactly how we would do this, if we would plug a display into the cam (which you can do) or shoot tethered into Lightroom, and have the images automatically go into a slideshow.
Another choice I understand other photographers do is make prints available right away. I personally think this is excessive work (either figuring out ways to automate everything and setup a printer, or working with somebody to man a booth (which has it's own draw backs)).
While it would be awesome to obtain a print into the hands of every photo booth guest I believe the much better option is to have cards available with information for where they can see and download/purchase the pictures online. We're offering the full set of hi-res jpegs to the couple, but it may be difficult for visitors to easily get the shots. In the future I would aim to make web resolution images available online for sharing as rapidly as possible (fantastic marketing potential via Instagram/ Facebook images!). This also suggests that they need to visit your site! Double terrific marketing!
I may invest some more time thinking of more props and outfits. I don't believe they need to be incredibly sophisticated, simply more alternatives. It's enjoyable to obtain variety in the images, as well as to see how your visitors creatively utilize the props. I think almost all the props got utilized!
A bigger background may be nice in order to get more individuals in front of the video camera.
Potentially move the light right behind the video camera to lower shine and shadows much more. Also would decrease confusion about where to look.
I might decrease the shutter speed to 1/160. It was a bit dark near the bottom of the images which may have had something to do with the sync speed of the flash.
, if we had a bigger background we 'd utilize a broader lens (a 35mm would probably be perfect) to fit in more people easily.. The large groups are always excellent fun.
Once again, this being our very first photo booth, we do not assert to be experts at them! There's a lot of room for experimentation and enhancement! It was an extremely enjoyable experience however, and I cannot wait to share the images with the groom and bride!

A little disclaimer: there is most likely no single ideal method to setup a photo booth. I believe this is a pretty excellent part of the photo booth. You could attempt to man the booth yourself, but I think you 'd get really different images from the ones they would take themselves. While it would be amazing to get a print into the hands of every image booth visitor I think the much better choice is to have cards readily available with details for where they can view and download/purchase the photos online. Once again, this being our first photo booth, we don't claim to be experts at them!


Besides utilizing our mobile phone for interaction functions, the reality is, many of us use our smartphone as a camera too. Just visit any event, and you will be sure to see people taking our their smartphones to catch photos and happenings.

Instead of keeping all these photos as softcopies on one's mobile phone, with our Smartphone Instant Print service, your guests can now have these pictures printed out quickly. The image will be instantly embedded on your event's customized design hard copy design template, enabling you to increase your occasion's or brand's awareness.


Take an image utilizing your smartphone

Send the picture to us by means of any of the following methods1

Visiting our mobile website

Images will be processed2 and will then immediately appear on our printing portal. Continue to our printing website to select the image that you wish to print.

Chosen photo will be embedded on the event's custom design printout template, and get printed out quickly

We will have a guideline board notifying your visitors on the information on ways to send their picture to us.

We will have to standardise by resizing each photo to fit inside a square frame due to the fact that pictures taken from different mobile phone have different dimensions

Image Booth Features

Fully Customised Printout Design

The hard copy design can be fully tailored to your taste. You can include your anything, logo or branding you want.

High Quality Printouts

All printouts are printed utilizing our high quality color sublimation printer. One 4R photo can be produced in about 8 seconds.

Unlimited Printouts

Print as numerous photos as you like. No constraint at all.

Different Printout Sizes

Choose from 5 various printout sizes. Double sided printout is offered.

Protective Plastic Sleeves

Each hard copy comes with a fully fitting protective plastic sleeve.

Selection Printing Mode

Your visitors will have to concern our printing portal to select the picture he/she wishes to print

Online Gallery with Softcopies Provision

After the occasion, all the pictures taken will be hosted on our online gallery. You can download the softcopies or share it on social networks.

Ever since the first image booth service got in Singapore years back, the Singapore photobooth industry has revolved and the picture booth rental business has actually been thriving given that then. Till date, having an image booth at an occasion is a typical sight nowadays and it had sort of become a required act to consist of an image booth at an event in Singapore.

As compared to our other instantaneous print services, our photo booth rental service offers the greatest home entertainment value. With a nice photobooth backdrop combined with all our goofy photo booth props, its the perfect way for your visitors to break the ice, mingle, and have a good time. In truth, at most of the events we've been to, our photobooth is constantly the primary crowd puller.

We are able to personalize our picture booth system and architecture, so that the entire picture booth experience is professional, distinct and completely customized to your event and its marketing demands (through the use of our marketing tools). In added, we have professional internal designers who can create customised photo booth props, backdrop and also hard copy design catered to your occasion.

Till date, we've provided our photobooth service for more than hundreds of occasions, ranging from birthday celebrations, weddings to big business occasions.

Compared to our other immediate print services, our photo booth rental service provides the greatest home entertainment value. With a good photobooth background combined with all our wacky picture booth props, its the best method for your visitors to break the ice, mingle, and have fun. Exactly what's so various about our photo booth service you might ask. We are able to customise our photo booth system and architecture, so that the whole photo booth experience is expert, unique and completely tailored to your occasion and its marketing demands (through the usage of our marketing tools). In extra, we have professional internal designers who can design personalised picture booth props, backdrop and also printout design catered to your occasion.

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